Great Hockey Games To Consider Playing

For lovers of ice hockey, any way they can consume entertainment revolving around the sport, they will. One of the most popular outlets for hockey enthusiasts to get their fix is video games. Here are a few different games to consider if you desire a virtual escape to the ice rink.

Option #1: NHL 18

As the most obvious choice, EA Sports’ NHL 18 is the most popular ice hockey game on the market. With multiple in-game features and game modes such as Be A Pro, Be A GM, Hockey Ultimate Team and EA Sports Hockey League, a great deal of enjoyment is definitely there to be had. However, this game is not free and will cost money to acquire for your Xbox or Playstation.

Option #2: ManagerZone

As a free game you can run on your computer, ManagerZone acts as a quality hockey manager simulator where you can try your hand at managing your very own hockey club. Everything from player drafting, game simulating and financial decisions are included and enhances the experience for the player. The detail within the game is very impressive especially since the game exists in a multiplayer environment. If you love hockey and have ever been curious about how good of a hockey manager you would be, give ManagerZone a try.

Option #3: NHL 2K

An older hockey video game series, the NHL 2K franchise was very popular before being cancelled after NHL 2K11 and should be considered. The graphics and players may be outdated, but the fun and entertainment value certainly is not. Also of note, 2K11 is available on IOS mobile devices, which is a very convenient option for many people who want to consume their favorite sport on the go.

In closing, all 3 are excellent options, but if you are on a budget and want a free, quick and easy option, ManagerZone is the way to go.